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We’re adept at providing Regional perspectives to National issues and National perspectives to Regional issues.

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We are a connector and a translator

We have extensive local to national networks and use these to add value to your project. We are highly-experienced in connecting our clients and projects with wider networks such as central and local government, Iwi/hapū, funding agencies, businesses and community groups. We help test, create and tell your story in a way that captures the imagination and interest of stakeholders and funders, and allows good decisions to be made.



Our Expertise

  • Economic, Tourism, Social and Cultural (Impact) Assessment
  • Project Scoping, Options Analysis, Feasibility Assessment, Better Business Case preparation (especially for Government funding – both Central and Local)
  • Project Management
  • Fundraising Strategies (design and implementation)
  • Relationship Management (Central Government, Local Government, business, communities, Iwi, NGO’s) access to networks and funding
  • Research
  • Capability Building and Coaching (Including Governance)
  • Sponsorship/Partnership Design and Negotiation
  • Community Engagement
  • Guidance on the Machinery of Government (Central and Local)
  • Commercial/Business Development (with a private sector perspective)
Capital raising for building vibrant communities | Giblin Group


Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural Infrastructure Projects

Giblin Group uses its proven methodology to successfully secure capital for your major social, economic, environmental and cultural infrastructure projects.

Your project may be totally new for your region, but there’s a good chance Giblin Group has worked on something similar somewhere else in New Zealand. We use our capital raising and broader experience to your advantage and approach your project strategically, putting a comprehensive plan together to secure capital funds.

We know how central and local government works. We understand the relationship between the two – which is critical to securing Government funding for you.


Incorporating Sustainability

The Giblin Group team has a deep understanding of regional New Zealand and the key characteristics of the New Zealand economy, business environment and markets.

We know how central and local government works, we understand business and community needs, and we have strong strategic and economic-related skills. We bring these components together to deliver high-quality and effective advice for our clients.

We bring these components together to deliver high-quality and effective advice for our clients.



Project Planning, Social Engagement

Giblin Group are strategic development specialists, offering high-level strategy, planning, guidance and advice for you. We offer integrated communication planning, media planning and management. We work with you how you want; for example, we are happy to work with your communications team to roll out the plan.

Our work often involves but is not limited to project-based communication strategies that usually have an aspect of social engagement to encourage behaviour change.

Jenni Giblin, Lawrence Yule, Bill Dalton, Rex Graham | Giblin group | relationship brokering


Central and Local, particularly Policy Advice and Analysis relating to regions

New Zealand is experiencing a regional renaissance with Central Government becoming increasingly aware of the wellbeing, latent opportunities and promise within our heartland, people, talents and assets.

This welcome rejuvenation needs more than a shift in mindset – it requires the ongoing support and commitment of additional resources and new policy.

Inclusiveness for all will only occur when regional NZ is treated equitably and on the same basis as city-based kiwis.

Funding HQ

We’re excited to have launched Funding HQ on 1 June 2020. This innovative online platform gives you access to our leading expertise and systems to help secure funding. 

We know times have changed. Funding HQ will show you how to navigate today’s new funding environment. It will ensure you have the right tools, strategy and relationships to win the funding you need. Whatever size your organisation and whether you’re working in arts, sports, education, social service or any other sector, Funding HQ is here so you can keep building and delivering your vital services. 

Since 2011 I have worked with Jenni and Christine on a number of highly successful fundraising initiatives in support of the Sarjeant Gallery Redevelopment Project. With their help and expertise, we have raised more than $28.8m from central government and Lottery sources. The Giblin Group are a pleasure to work with and have provided great advice on many occasions concerning communications and public engagement. I can certainly recommend their services.

Greg Anderson, Director, Sarjeant Gallery

Giblin Group supported Blue Oyster with developing a robust Funding Strategy that took into account the specific needs of our organisation and activity. Jenni and Jess offered substantial advice and support in, not only establishing this strategy but giving us helpful tools for implementation and always prioritised sustainability throughout. Their enthusiasm for our space and activity was truly felt and appreciated – our relationship with them will be nourished and valued well into the future.

Grace Ryder, Gallery Director, Blue Oyster Gallery

“As our thinking evolved, Giblin Group showed a steady commitment to deepen their understanding of our needs. We always looked forward to our coaching sessions which were stimulating and inspiring. Jess and Jenni became valued colleagues that supported and provoked thinking with rigour and generosity. They’re now not only valuable advocates for BATS but part of our whānau.”

Jonty Hendry - General Manager, BATS Theatre

“Jenni did a fantastic job in helping us to secure critical partnerships and funding support for our internationally significant Len Lye Centre project – what’s more we really enjoyed working with her.”

Barbara McKerrow - Former CEO New Plymouth District Council

“Giblin Group’s knowledge of government practices and procedures on a national and local level is invaluable, and I often find that they are well connected with staff and officials on all levels of Government. Giblin Group scopes their assignments well, provides accurate cost estimates for their services, delivers within the agreed timeframes and always deliver excellent quality work – no project manager can really ask for more!”

Kritzo Venter, Senior Stormwater Engineer, Wanganui District Council

“The work that the Giblin Group completed, in collaboration with our staff, was instrumental in the success the project has had in securing significant funding to this key City initiative. In particular we have found the experience of the Giblin Group to been invaluable in seeking funding from a variety of sources in an increasingly challenging environment.”

Lance Vervoort, General Manager – Community, Hamilton City Council