Tauranga Visitor Information Centre

Tourism Bay of Plenty engaged the services of Giblin Group in 2017 to better understand and prepare a document that would provide potential funders with an evidenced-based argument of why this project should receive their support. This was in the form of a high-level Case for Investment for funders for the proposed new fit-for-purpose ‘iconic’ Visitor Information Centre in Mount Maunganui.

The Case for Investment looked at the history and constraints of the current site. The two i-SITE facilities in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui were assessed and found to be inadequate for their purpose. The Council proposed to replace the existing facilities with one fit-for-purpose facility located in Mount Maunganui, the hub of the sub-region’s visitor economy, with combined use for visitors and the community. The project was led by Tauranga City Council and is supported by Tourism Bay of Plenty.

The proposed Mount Maunganui iconic Visitor Information Centre would become the hub from which a regional network of i-SITEs would run and service international, domestic and cruise visitors. The hub and network model was established as best practice through research undertaken by Tourism Bay of Plenty in 2015.

Project need was established through previous research demonstrating untapped potential in the Bay of Plenty Tourism sector. The direct benefits of tourism include growth in the visitor economy (visitor expenditure), more jobs (including excellent career opportunities for youth and less skilled workers) and higher productivity for local businesses. With the right strategic approach, tourism has the potential to generate a much broader range of benefits that can help to support a region’s economic and social growth, which contributes to greater social amenity and higher living standards.

The compelling Case for Investment also identified the economic benefits, the visitor benefits, the community benefits, and the regional benefits. It examined the financials to demonstrate what funding was required.

The Case for Investment was then used as the basis for a simplified one page version to initially talk to funders, before a deeper relationship-based conversation could be embarked on.

Since 2011 I have worked with Jenni and Christine on a number of highly successful fundraising initiatives in support of the Sarjeant Gallery Redevelopment Project. With their help and expertise, we have raised more than $28.8m from central government and Lottery sources. The Giblin Group are a pleasure to work with and have provided great advice on many occasions concerning communications and public engagement. I can certainly recommend their services.

Greg Anderson, Director, Sarjeant Gallery

Giblin Group supported Blue Oyster with developing a robust Revenue Generation Strategy that took into account the specific needs of our organisation and activity. Jenni and Jess offered substantial advice and support in, not only establishing this strategy but giving us helpful tools for implementation and always prioritised sustainability throughout. Their enthusiasm for our space and activity was truly felt and appreciated – our relationship with them will be nourished and valued well into the future.

Grace Ryder, Gallery Director, Blue Oyster Gallery

“As our thinking evolved, Giblin Group showed a steady commitment to deepen their understanding of our needs. We always looked forward to our coaching sessions which were stimulating and inspiring. Jess and Jenni became valued colleagues that supported and provoked thinking with rigour and generosity. They’re now not only valuable advocates for BATS but part of our whānau.”

Jonty Hendry - General Manager, BATS Theatre

“Jenni did a fantastic job in helping us to secure critical partnerships and funding support for our internationally significant Len Lye Centre project – what’s more we really enjoyed working with her.”

Barbara McKerrow - Former CEO New Plymouth District Council

“Giblin Group’s knowledge of government practices and procedures on a national and local level is invaluable, and I often find that they are well connected with staff and officials on all levels of Government. Giblin Group scopes their assignments well, provides accurate cost estimates for their services, delivers within the agreed timeframes and always deliver excellent quality work – no project manager can really ask for more!”

Kritzo Venter, Senior Stormwater Engineer, Wanganui District Council

“The work that the Giblin Group completed, in collaboration with our staff, was instrumental in the success the project has had in securing significant funding to this key City initiative. In particular we have found the experience of the Giblin Group to been invaluable in seeking funding from a variety of sources in an increasingly challenging environment.”

Lance Vervoort, General Manager – Community, Hamilton City Council