Softball Hawke’s Bay

The Hawke’s Bay Softball Association’s clubrooms are now 40 years old and Giblin Group was engaged to prepare a feasibility study for the proposed upgrade project.

Akina Park is the home of softball in the region and is also a venue of choice for large national tournaments that are allocated by Softball NZ. However, the Hawke’s Bay Softball Association’s clubrooms are now 40 years old and are not meeting the requirements of the sporting public or proving particularly attractive for hire to community organisations.

In 2015 the Hastings District Council committed to helping the association achieve their goals by providing significant funding for a new external toilet and shower block.

This seed funding convinced Hawke’s Bay Softball that they should go ahead and fully develop the project which will see the clubrooms become a more modern and fit-for-purpose facility.

Giblin Group was engaged to prepare a feasibility study for this project and identify possible funding avenues that would help the Association meet its budgetary requirements.

The project will contribute to the sport and recreation sector of Hawke’s Bay by providing a venue that will entice major softball tournaments to the region and present an inviting place for local softballers to play and relax after their matches.

It will also help strengthen community bonds through a shared experience such as a social or cultural event which will lead to greater social connectedness. 

In support of the project Softball NZ CEO Tony Gilles says:

“The Hawke’s Bay Softball Assn provides critical infrastructure and management expertise to SNZ at Akina Park. Hastings is one of a very few locations that can cater to the capacity required to host pinnacle national events.”

Several successful applications were made to a range of funding agencies for this project, including the Lotteries Community Facilities Fund. This success can be attributed to the strategic approach taken by Giblin Group in the development of the feasibility study and the preparation of funding applications. Strong relationships were developed with committee members from the Hawke’s Bay Softball Association, which contributed to the timely completion of the feasibility study.

“Jenni did a fantastic job in helping us to secure critical partnerships and funding support for our internationally significant Len Lye Centre project – what’s more we really enjoyed working with her.”

Barbara McKerrow - Former CEO New Plymouth District Council Chief Executive

“Giblin Group’s knowledge of government practices and procedures on a national and local level is invaluable, and I often find that they are well connected with staff and officials on all levels of Government. Giblin Group scopes their assignments well, provides accurate cost estimates for their services, delivers within the agreed timeframes and always deliver excellent quality work – no project manager can really ask for more!”

Kritzo Venter, Senior Stormwater Engineer, Wanganui District Council

“The work that the Giblin Group completed, in collaboration with our staff, was instrumental in the success the project has had in securing significant funding to this key City initiative. In particular we have found the experience of the Giblin Group to been invaluable in seeking funding from a variety of sources in an increasingly challenging environment.”

Lance Vervoort, General Manager – Community, Hamilton City Council