Cancer Society Hawke’s Bay

Cancer Society Hawke’s Bay engaged Giblin Group to undertake an independent feasibility study of the proposed Cancer Wellness Centre building project. The feasibility study provides a document which brings together and assesses all the planning work that has been done to date and identifies any gaps that need to be addressed for the project’s best chance of success. It gives funders reassurance that the groundwork for the project is thorough and robust, that benefits are clearly defined and risks recognised and mitigations put in place.

The current premises of Cancer Society HB cannot meet their vision for helping patients and it is impinging on their ability to provide the best service for patients and their families. Cancer Society HB proposes to establish a purpose-built Cancer Wellness Centre, which will offer a range of complimentary therapies to support people during their diagnosis, treatment and beyond to ensure those affected by cancer are well-informed and supported. Cancer Wellness Centres focus on a philosophy of wellness and aim to improve the lives of the people who come there.

The proposed Cancer Wellness Centre will be the first facility of its type in New Zealand. The concept is based on centres that exist overseas but will be refined for and respond to the New Zealand situation and circumstances. The focus on “wellness” has been welcomed by stakeholders. The response from one Cancer Society member was, “Oh thank goodness you are using the word wellness, too often cancer is associated with death, yet so many survive their cancer journey and our people need to know that.”.

The Centre will focus on the minds and spirits of their clients, not just the physical needs. It will be an uplifting place with professional staff on hand to offer the support people need. This includes practical advice about what they are experiencing physically; emotional support from qualified experts; social support in a friendly place where they can meet other people experiencing similar challenges and issues; and provision of a calming space simply to sit and relax. It is a concept of patient-centered comprehensive care.

The care also extends to the family/whanau and caregivers of those affected by cancer.
Concept plans for the Cancer Wellness Centre have been completed and costed. Many of the services to date, for example, from architects, surveyors, and lawyers have been donated to the project at reduced rates or pro bono due to the charitable status of the Cancer Society HB and the value of this project to the Hawke’s Bay regional community.

Trudy Kirk, the Hawke’s Bay Centre Manager for Cancer Society HB says to Giblin Group, “Thank you … for the work you have done for the Cancer Society Hawke’s Bay project. It’s been a pleasure working with Christine and Craig, having this document will be such an asset.”

“Jenni did a fantastic job in helping us to secure critical partnerships and funding support for our internationally significant Len Lye Centre project – what’s more we really enjoyed working with her.”

Barbara McKerrow - Former CEO New Plymouth District Council Chief Executive

“Giblin Group’s work on the Better Business Case process contributed to the development of a compelling piece of work. This project has created a considerable step change framework for the future of our City.”

Gary Poole - Tauranga City Council Chief Executive

“Giblin Group’s knowledge of government practices and procedures on a national and local level is invaluable, and I often find that they are well connected with staff and officials on all levels of Government. Giblin Group scopes their assignments well, provides accurate cost estimates for their services, delivers within the agreed timeframes and always deliver excellent quality work – no project manager can really ask for more!”

Kritzo Venter, Senior Stormwater Engineer, Wanganui District Council

“The work that the Giblin Group completed, in collaboration with our staff, was instrumental in the success the project has had in securing significant funding to this key City initiative. In particular we have found the experience of the Giblin Group to been invaluable in seeking funding from a variety of sources in an increasingly challenging environment.”

Lance Vervoort, General Manager – Community, Hamilton City Council