A Regional Renaissance


Giblin Group is an unrivalled organisation of driven, skilled, warm people that work tirelessly to see regional New Zealand prosper. In a nutshell, we’re thinkers. We have specialist skills, knowledge and experience to make critical projects happen. We provide our expertise to a range of organisations so you can deliver to our diverse communities.


We know how the decision makers and funding bodies work, and we know how to reach them with the right information at the right time. Our networks set us apart. We have strong relationships with local and central government and the public and private sectors.

We connect into your organisation, work with your team and connect them into our networks. Through capital raising, strategic communications and engagement, relationship brokering and sponsorship partnerships, we make your community project happen. The shared goal is vibrant community life.

Margot Bawden | Giblin Group

Who we are

We care about our towns and cities. For us it’s about building stronger communities, especially in our Heartland. We have a vision of vibrant communities across our country full of life, smart people and economic success stories. This is the renaissance of regional New Zealand. It’s this vision that drives every project we dedicate ourselves to.


Jenni Giblin | Giblin Group


Leading the team and steering the ship, Jenni brings vast local and central government experience with a healthy dose of vitality to all projects. With expertise in capital raising and an innate understanding of relationship brokering, she has secured many business developments by bringing the right people together with the right questions. One of her strengths is making social capital relevant in a local context to add significant value to council initiatives.

Jenni has worked on a huge range of projects over the last 9 years. Highlights have included the Len Lye Centre building, the Sargent Gallery redevelopment and currently she is working on the Hawke’s Bay Opera House earthquake strengthening project and the Wild For Taranaki biodiversity project.

She’s a woman of action and making things happen. As the saying goes, if you need to get a job done, ask a busy person. Jenni has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Policy and an Honours degree in Public Policy from Victoria University. She is also on the Board of Directors for Business Hawke’s Bay and Whanganui Collegiate.

Christine Ennis | Giblin Group


With a wealth of broad ranging experience at the local government level, Christine came to Giblin Group and became a work powerhouse. With six years at Giblin Group, Christine is the Group’s go-to person on any work-related issues that pop up on projects. Her calm manner keeps the team grounded. She is very experienced in undertaking research, writing reports and feasibility studies, developing policy and strategy documents, preparing funding applications and managing accountability requirements for large community facilities.

One of her recent highlights includes the Rocket Tourism project. Currently Christine is working on some very exciting projects, Te Awamutu Heritage Centre development and the expansion of the National Aquarium of New Zealand. Christine has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in language and literature from Massey University.

Craig Ireson | Giblin Group


With a can-do attitude and always ready to think out of the box, Craig brings local government experience and a relentless work ethic to getting things done. An excellent presenter, Craig guides clients effortlessly through the workshop process ensuring all voices are heard and understood. He has a knack of communicating complex and seemingly too-hard-basket concepts by translating them into digestible information for clients.

With a background in events, marketing and sponsorship Craig is enjoying the variability of his role working on the Hawke’s Bay Opera House and the Creative New Zealand fundraising and coaching programme for arts organisations. Previous to Giblin Group, Craig led the strategic development of Hastings District Council’s event programme, working with over 60 events per annum.

Craig has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Victoria University.

Hugh Henderson | Giblin Group


Coming to Giblin Group with a depth of experience in sports marketing, communication and sponsorship, Hugh has worked with some of the biggest brands and corporate companies in New Zealand, as well as small and medium sized businesses.

Hugh has a thorough understanding of sponsorship leverage. Hugh enjoys the challenge of communications in a community-based setting where his ‘no-bull’ detector resonates with clients all over provincial New Zealand.

It’s his down-to-earth approach to communications combined with a fair amount of strategic thinking that produces campaigns that are like deeply rooted trees. They stand solidly but happily bend and sway and remain flexible with whatever the weather throws at them.

Hugh is currently working on the Wild for Taranaki project. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Otago and is a Director on the Board of Hawke’s Bay Cricket.

Margot Bawden | Giblin Group


A strategic communications specialist, Margot has worked across a broad range of industries and sectors from local government to boutique business. With a quest for knowledge she enjoys the research process, which forms the base of many projects at Giblin Group.

A fan of the outdoors, Margot has enjoyed working with Nga Pae Rangitikei to develop their strategic communications for this forward-focused environmental project. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours from the Victoria University of Wellington, and a Masters of Arts from the School of Communication at Penn State University, USA.


Ross has worked in local Government and private organisations over the last 47 years. The last 6 years has been spent covering a wide range of roles at the Hastings District Council including communications, event management and website content management. He has a genuine curiosity to figure out how things work and everyday consistently does his best work.

Working along side his other positions, Ross has spent the preceding 25 years as a radio host with Radio New Zealand and the Radio Network. While ‘on-air’ work makes up the main part of his day the roles filled also included journalism and interviewing. If you want to know anything about sport – Ross is your man!


(Associate Consultant)

Stephen has worked with government agencies such as the Office of Treaty Settlements, the Ministry of Social Development, Ministerial Services and the Children’s Action Plan Directorate. As an associate consultant to Giblin Group, Stephen has provided advice for clients on how central government works and, more importantly, how it can work for them.

(Associate Consultant)

With a central and local government background and extensive experience in working with Maori, Reece offers Giblin Group clients with advice on how these groups can work together, as well as more general advice around Māori development and environmental issues.

(Associate Consultant)

Dave Bamford has spent a lifetime creating sustainable tourist solutions to benefit economies, individuals and business. Because he loves his work, he’s very good at it and his professional achievements demonstrate a critical understanding, knowledge and track record of using tourism to provide employment, enhance the welfare of people and communities while protecting the place, its integrity, as well as natural and cultural heritage.

“Jenni did a fantastic job in helping us to secure critical partnerships and funding support for our internationally significant Len Lye Centre project – what’s more we really enjoyed working with her.”

Barbara McKerrow - Former CEO New Plymouth District Council Chief Executive

“Giblin Group’s work on the Better Business Case process contributed to the development of a compelling piece of work. This project has created a considerable step change framework for the future of our City.”

Gary Poole - Tauranga City Council Chief Executive

“Giblin Group’s knowledge of government practices and procedures on a national and local level is invaluable, and I often find that they are well connected with staff and officials on all levels of Government. Giblin Group scopes their assignments well, provides accurate cost estimates for their services, delivers within the agreed timeframes and always deliver excellent quality work – no project manager can really ask for more!”

Kritzo Venter, Senior Stormwater Engineer, Wanganui District Council

“The work that the Giblin Group completed, in collaboration with our staff, was instrumental in the success the project has had in securing significant funding to this key City initiative. In particular we have found the experience of the Giblin Group to been invaluable in seeking funding from a variety of sources in an increasingly challenging environment.”

Lance Vervoort, General Manager – Community, Hamilton City Council