Giblin Group is fiercely proud of the fact that we help build vibrant, successful communities.

Giblin Group is owned and managed by director, Jenni Giblin. A team of consultants, each with specialised skills, work out of Hawke’s Bay, the Waikato and Wellington to ensure Giblin Group stays grounded in the provinces while still being connected to ministers and government officials in the Capital.

We provide strategic advice to councils, Māori organisations and trusts wanting to attract external funding for capital projects. Since launching in 2008, we have secured more than $63M for cultural facilities such as museums, theatres and galleries, sporting facilities and environmental projects for organisations right across the country.

Giblin Group helps create vibrant communities by delivering the below capital raising services:

• Connecting you with the expertise and decision-makers you need access to, so you can accomplish your big ideas;

• Ensuring your proposed capital projects are fit-for-purpose and achievable, that they can attract external funding and, most importantly, that the community are right behind you, through authentic community engagement;

• Walking you through our proven methodology which includes preparing better business cases, feasibility studies, social impact reports, funding applications, approaching corporate sponsors and developing partnership collateral.

There are plenty of bold ideas being born throughout the country but only some leaders are brave enough to make them a reality. At Giblin Group, we want you to be one of New Zealand’s future success stories.

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